By far the most common use of DNA testing is paternity testing which establishes parentage determination with 99.9% and above accuracy, making results equate with virtual certainty. Paternity testing applications include cases with alleged fathers, missing mothers, and deceased alleged fathers. Our lab has performed over 15,000 paternity tests.

$300 One mother, one child and one alleged father
($100 Each additional person)
$300 Motherless with 1 child and 1 alleged father
$250 Preparation of legal affidavit (optional)
Additional fees for shipping and/or sample collection may apply.
Prices may vary slightly depending on actual circumstances.


  • Adults must have picture ID (driver’s license, etc.) and provide social security number.

  • Birth certificates and social security number must be provided for all minor children.

  • Minors (under age 18) must have written consent of mother or legal guardian or the DNA testing must be court ordered.

  • At the time of sample collection, pictures of all those being tested will be taken and consent forms must be signed for results to be admissible in a court of law.

  • Client identification documentation, consent forms, security sealed samples, and a strict chain of custody for the transport of samples must accompany the samples to insure their integrity when collected at a location other than Legal Genetics.

  • Sample collection fees are the responsibility of the client at the time the sample is taken.

Most cases can be reported out in 5-7 working days from the time all samples are received in our laboratory.  Expedited results can be ordered for additional charges.

All information concerning clients will be held in strict confidence. No results will be provided over the telephone; DNA reports will be mailed to the address provided by the client.

A DNA paternity test can be conducted without testing the mother. However, greater probabilities of paternity can be achieved by the test when the genes that were contributed by the mother are known. Legal Genetics analyzes many genes for parentage determination, the results of the test are accurate and guaranteed in these type cases.

When the mother is absent from the test, her genetic profile is unknown. Since half of the child’s genes come from the mother and the other half comes from the father, a gene present in the child that is also present in the father may appear to have been contributed by the father (evidence of paternity) when it may have been contributed by the mother (possible evidence of non-paternity). Therefore, whenever possible the mother should also be included in the testing process to ensure highest accuracy of results. To encourage the participation of the mother, Legal Genetics has structured the price of the test to be the same with or without the mother.

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