Legal Genetics is approved by the U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service to perform DNA testing to estabilish a biological and legal relationship.

$275 - $325 per person for the first 2 people*.
(*Depending on shipping costs.Price includes 3 shipments: DNA collection kit and documents to and from foreign country and final report to U.S. Embassy).
$150 per person for each additional person scheduled and included in the original case.

Some cases require additional reports and/or test results depending upon the point of origin of the case. Fees will be charged for preparing these reports.
When scheduling an immigration case, the petitioner must provide the following:

  • Official documents from the U.S. Embassy or the Department of Homeland Security with case numbers and names of petitioner and beneficiary(s).

  • Local address and telephone number(s) for beneficiary(s) in the foreign country.

  • Information as to the type of kit required by the U.S. Embassy, either blood or buccal (mouth) swab.

  • Payment prior to having the kit sent to the foreign country.

Immigration mouth swab collection
Immigration blood draw collection

Click here to visit the: U.S. Department of State - DNA and Parentage Blood Testing