Modern technology for DNA testing allows Legal Genetics the ability to resolve matters involving heredity. Genes can be traced from parents to children to grandchildren within a family tree. The results from this test can establish grandparentage. Grandparentage testing applications include (but are not limited to) cases with missing or deceased parents. In those cases, the child can be tested with the grandparents.

$500 Child, mother and both grandparents
($200 Each additional person)
$250 Preparation of legal affidavit (optional)
Additional fees for shipping and/or sample collection may apply.
Prices may vary slightly depending on actual circumstances.


  • Adults must have picture ID (driver’s license, etc.) and provide social security number.

  • Birth certificates and social security number must be provided for all minor children.

  • Minors (under age 18) must have written consent of mother or legal guardian or the DNA testing must be court ordered.

  • At the time of sample collection, pictures of all those being tested will be taken and consent forms must be signed for results to be admissible in a court of law.

  • Client identification documentation, consent forms, security sealed samples, and a strict chain of custody for the transport of samples must accompany the samples to insure their integrity when collected at a location other than Legal Genetics.

  • Sample collection fees are the responsibility of the client at the time the sample is taken.

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